ESOT is a Hardball team, located in Esbjerg, Denmark. The name ESOT, is short for Esbjerg Special Operation Team.

We are a MILSIM team, trying to duplicate real combat as much as possible but still with the Hardball aspect in mind. We do not see hardball as "real life" as there are many things in real combat that cannot be duplicated and real combat isn't that funny at all - So we duplicate the interesting parts of real combat and combine it with "toy" guns and 6mm BB's.
All of our members are in, or have been in the Danish army, but we are always looking for new talented players to join us.


It all started with me (Jes) and a couple of others who started playing in 1994. At that time we were using the good old boltaction pistols, without hop-up of course. That soon changed. After a while some of us got bored with the low (very low) rate of fire, and bought some AEG's. Then we played a couple of years with 3 AEG's and a bunch of Boltaction pistols, until almost everyone of the "boltaction" guys quit. (I wonder why hehe)
A few years went by without any serious shooting, but then in 1998, some of the old "boltaction" guys bought AEG's and we were back in business. Today we have a respectable hardball team.
In the early years we used the danish camo pattern M/84. We were all in the army and were issued M/84 uniforms and equipment. At that time M/84 wasn't common in the hardball society because of the pattern patent. Only soldiers had access to M/84 uniforms and equipment. When the patent was removed it became a very common camo, so we changed to Multicam.


We have a large variety of equipment such as nightvision gear, ATV's (all terrain vehicles) at our disposal. and we are all members of IVG (Idrætsforening Varde Garnison) which is an army "athletic" association. This means we are also able to borrow equipment and vehicles from the army, to be used in scenarios.
You can find more information about our equipment, in the member section on the site

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