As you can see above, ESOT is divided into 3 patrols, each consisting of 6 members.

Currently only one of the patrols is active, this is in part, because some members are hung up with
personal or work related things(deployments) such as ISAF, KFOR, SF and Military police.

- The 1st and currently the only active Patrol is a allaround veteran combat patrol called ESOT Blackspurs. These are armed with vast varity of weapons ranging from M4 carabines to M203 grenade launchers.

- The 2nd Patrol is primarily a support detachment which includes the main part of our  heavy support weapons such as the M249 and M60.

- The 3rd Patrol is a recon/sniper detachment called ESOT Phantoms and are consisting of one sniper team (2 members) and one recon team (4 members)

ESOT currently has 2 badges. The general ESOT badges which is worn by all ESOT members, and the ESOT blackspurs badge which is worn by PTR 1 (our 1st patrol and currently the only active)

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