ESOT TILMELDING, Det sorte guld - 15 Oct 2008
Tilmelding til mig seneste den 26 okt hvis man ønsker at komme med til "Det sorte guld"

Tilmeld via, eller via msn
Posted on 15 Oct 2008 by Jes
Gear Day success - 07 Oct 2008
The ESOT Gear day is over and was a big success. We had among other things a visit by the dog handlers at the airbase, which was.... hehe. Pictures coming soon!
Posted on 07 Oct 2008 by Jes
Gear day - 22 Sep 2008
ESOT is having a Gear day where we optimize our gear and weapons etc.
This will be taking place on the Aalborg Airbase on the 4th of oktober. Pics'n stuff will be added shortly after.
Posted on 22 Sep 2008 by Jes
The black gold - 08 Sep 2008
Our "brother team" IDS are conducting a new style of MILSIM called "The Black Gold. The exact date is not yet in place, but we look forward to it.

For more info see
Posted on 08 Sep 2008 by Jes
MILSIM in Karup 18-19 OKT - 04 Sep 2008
FJR is conducting a MILSIM in Karup on the 18-19th of Oktober. If we don't have any injured or dead we'll show our faces this time hehe
Posted on 04 Sep 2008 by Jes

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