We'r still alive - 03 Sep 2008
We have had a small problem loggin into the news section on our page, because "someone" forgot his password hehe. But now I have access again...Finally!!!!!
Posted on 03 Sep 2008 by Jes
New MILSIM - 21 Dec 2007
ESOT is conducting a MILSIM in junction with IVG on the 16-17 feb-08. More info here: ESOT MILSIM (sorry its in danish only, if you need some international info, mail me at Jes@esot.dk)
Posted on 21 Dec 2007 by Jes
Team Patches added - 25 Nov 2007
I have added a few pictures of which patches our members are wearing. More will come when we get them (Camotech.com is too buisy to take civilian orders at the moment)

See them in the member bio
Posted on 25 Nov 2007 by Jes
Helmet paint job done - 09 Nov 2007
Finally I got the 4 last helmets painted. What a drag!!! Painting the helmets was easy, but getting the colors right nearly drove me to suicide =)
Honestly im not 100% happy with the colors, especially the green, but I don't think I'll ever be hehe
Judge for yourself.

Posted on 09 Nov 2007 by Jes
New caps - 04 Nov 2007
New team caps on the way. Thanks to KER.

Posted on 04 Nov 2007 by Jes

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