Milsim in Oksbøl 13-13/10 2007 - 18 Oct 2007
Movies and pictures from the latest MILSIM in oksbøl are upped.

Posted on 18 Oct 2007 by Jes
New members - 06 Oct 2007
We have two new foals in our stable.
Say hi to Dexter and Gøttig, the two new operatores on ESOT
Posted on 06 Oct 2007 by Jes
New Pictures from MILSIM in Karup - 02 Oct 2007
Back from the latest MILSIM in Karup, with a few Pictures in the bag.

See them on the Media page. At the moment it's only with IDS and ESOT operators on them, but more random pictures will be upped soon.
Posted on 02 Oct 2007 by Jes
Slide/Movie from OP Broken Arrow - 02 Sep 2007
Slide/Movie from OP BA made by Ivan from HAC is upped to the media page. Enjoy!!
Posted on 02 Sep 2007 by Jes
Member page done (almost) - 31 Aug 2007
The member page is almost done. Still needs some info on KER but he is currently abroad (back mid november), and need some more personlized gear pictures, but at least there's pictures of the stuff now.

A very quick "sniper member" have been added to the memberpage, just for the fun of it
Posted on 31 Aug 2007 by Jes

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