Gøttig is gone....for a while - 26 Feb 2009
Gøttig one of our Gunners are currently in Afghanistan with TACP.
Back late August.
Be safe and don't get fucked up mate =)
Posted on 26 Feb 2009 by Jes
Gear day II - 26 Feb 2009
It's time for the next Gear Day. I need to have some dates people are availible!!!! MSN or mail me
Posted on 26 Feb 2009 by Jes
Sponsor deal - 21 Nov 2008
ESOT is now sponsered by "Bogormen" in Esbjerg.
The store have a wide range of hardball weapons and acessories.

So if you are in Esbjerg go and check out the store.

Kongensgade 3
6700 Esbjerg
Tlf: 75139920
Mail: Info@bogormen.dk
Posted on 21 Nov 2008 by Jes
Brikby den 8-9nov, VIGTIG INFO - 04 Nov 2008
Til de 6 der er tilmeldt til Brikby den 8-9 nov.!!!

- Prisen er 250 kr pr mand som jeg har lagt ud, dvs at man bedes tage penge med til mig.

- Sorte kugler SKAL anvendes

- Alle våben bliver målt og markeret alt efter mundingshastighed
M100 FA indendøres
M120 Single indendøres

mere info her http://www.milsim.dk/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?13833.0
Posted on 04 Nov 2008 by Jes
IFF and IFAK's - 22 Oct 2008
How and what to put in your IFAK and IFF kit is posted on the forum ( Sorry ESOT only at the moment) smile
Posted on 22 Oct 2008 by Jes

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