Name: Jes Sørensen
Born: 03-04-75
Location: Esbjerg

Callsign: ECHO 1
Speciality: Team leader / Medic

Jes is the founder of, and also the backbone, and has, for many years been the primary mechanic for ESOT.

He is also the organizer of two great educational military simulation exercises, known as "ASP 1" and "ASP 2" (Aspiranten 1&2) and one Combat simulation know as "Stage One "

Jes originally created ESOT as a 18 member combat unit, later on, due to dropouts it became a 4 man patrol unit. His main goal still is to create 3 teams each containing 6 members that has the ability to fight together, night and day, with good internal team communikations.

Jes was in Kosovo in 2006 (KFOR14) and are currently working in an Air Defence Battery




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