Name: Michael Ker
Age: N/A
Location: Aalborg

Callsign: ECHO 2
Speciality: SCOUT

Also known as The Wildcard.

Ker is one of the only people ive ever heard counting frags at a milsim game,
not entirely sure on the number he ended up with, but last one i remember was somewhere around 23 in one fight.

A worthy note is that this mostly went on AFTER the rest of his team was dead - standing, in a bunch up the road, talking with dead opfor, wondering where the hell he went this time. The large amounts of automatic rifle fire, mixed with panicked screaming from opfors recoiling through the terrain after our teams demise, somehow didnt surprise us much.

Ker was kosovo in 1996 (KFOR1) and have had a few other deployments in the past years




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