Rules - General

ESOT naturally uses the MILSIM v2.0 rules most often - this is related to us mostly playing at Milsims .

At Non-milsim games(hyggespil), we use a very simplified version of these rules - In short these are:

- Rifles: Muzzle velocity, Max 129 m/s on full auto outdoor and 109 m/s indoor.
Only 68 rds. mags. may be used

- Sniper: Muzzle velocity, unlimited but only 1 round in the air - There are
some special rules regarding safety distances.

- Support weapons: Max 139-149 m/s depending on the type of weapon. max
1600 or 2500 rds. mags may be used depending on type of weapon - There
are some special rules regarding safety distances.

- A hit is a "kill" no matter where you are hit, because you are considered to be
injured and not able to fight.

- Suitable goggles must be used at all times

- Only semi shots on short distances.

The basic goals with these rules are of course to promote safety for the players.

Like mentioned above - Outside of these rules we generally follow the rules set forth by the milsim community. Those rules are known as the MILSIM RULESET V2.0 - and can be found by pressing the link below.

Official Milsim Ruleset

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